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  Our next distribution dates are on January 11 and January 19. facebook logo     Please stay in your car. Drive to the rear of the church.
Volunteers will put groceries in your vehicle.

For information about how your group can hold a food drive, make a donation or become a volunteer, contact either David Petrovick at 978-852-1696.
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 As 2022 draws to a close, we at the Barre Food Pantry are struck once again by the many different ways people in our area reach out to take care of one another.  The Barre Food Pantry is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization.  Without our volunteers we could not help folks facing hunger and food insecurity in our communities.  So we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge some of the people, organizations and activities that contribute to the work of the Barre Food Pantry.

 Of course the risk is always there that we will inadvertently leave individuals or groups off the list.  But we want to take that risk because the contributions are so important and so numerous.

 We are grateful for…

 The hospitality of the members and leadership of the Barre Congregational Church where the Pantry makes its home.

 The many neighbors who donate to the pantry – be it with food or financially – and who often wish to remain anonymous.

 The staff of the Barre Family Health Center who collect groceries for the Pantry on an on-going basis and create internal events like this season’s “Giving Tree.” They raise significant amounts of funds for the Pantry.

 The Country Gourmet & the Barre Family Pharmacy who graciously put donation jars on their counters to collect change.  Truly, every penny helps.

 The organizations that make space available for drop-offs of donated food – the Woods Memorial Library, the Barre Family Health Center and the Barre Senior Center.

 All the businesses, offices and community spaces who allow us to pin up our posters.

 The St. Cleophas council of the Knights of Columbus whose “Fill the Pantry” golf tournament has contributed significant funds to the Pantry.

 Karen Lewis’ family and friends’ annual Thanksgiving Runners’ Ramble which donates to the pantry.

 Bill and Vicki King who bring donated food from St. Francis of Assisi parish to the Pantry.

 Kelly Jubinville and the staff of Van Pool Transportation for massive food drives to benefit the Pantry.

 All the people who volunteer their time picking up, trucking, collecting, sorting, organizing and bagging food to be distributed to clients.

 The volunteers who work on distribution days to set up, place groceries into client vehicles, offer choices of food, produce, meat and some essential non-food items.

 Abbie Castriotta who many years ago set up a pet food donation and distribution process as a middle school student then for her Girl Scout Gold Award project. Her project continues to help the pets of our clients. Now we have great support from Deb Jones Bachrach and The Pet Food Task Force.

 The volunteers who pick up and deliver food from the BFP to clients who are home-bound.

 The support of Taproot Bookstore’s owners and customers through their generous  donations of food items and funds.

 Organizations who host events with a can or a box of food for the Pantry as admission.

 School food drives – especially from Quabbin Regional High School.

 The USPS Postal Workers’ annual food drive.

 People who give a client a ride to distribution and clients who carpool together.

 Local farms who donate produce and herbs.

 Cub Scouts who fundraise and make donations to the pantry.

 Lastly, we wish to thank a former member of our community who left a bequest for the Barre Food Pantry in their will.

 At this season of miracles, we are grateful for all the ways our community looks out for one another and steps up to meet the needs of their neighbors. 

Thank you all for all you do!